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2013 marked David Marconi's second foray behind the lens as a writer/director with his feature film for Lionsgate/EuropaCorp: COLLISION. It's a gritty thriller set in desert of present day Morocco. Marconi describes the film as "a character driven ensemble piece in the vein of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.


A native of Highland Park, Ill., Marconi has been passionate about film making from an early age. After winning several high-school film making competitions, Marconi was awarded an Alumni Merit Scholarship to attend the University of Southern California's Film School. Upon graduation, his first job was as Francis Ford Coppola's assistant on The Outsiders. Following that, Coppola promoted Marconi to Production Supervise 2nd Unit on Rumble Fish.


Working closely with Coppola, Marconi "cut his directing teeth" watching Francis direct both The Outsiders and Rumblefish. "Working for Coppola as his assistant was an incredible experience, I considered it a sort of grad school, a place where I got to see and experience first hand the various techniques Francis would employ to illicit the performances he required from the actors. It gave me solid grounding as far as the craft was concerned."


After a yearlong series of production jobs ranging from Art Department to Prop Master, Marconi landed his first feature writing assignment off an original pitch entitled: Mud Sweat and Gears. (Warner Bros.,) Bob Schaffel producing, Thomas Carter to direct. Marconi followed Mud Sweat and Gears by writing two more back-to-back action pictures for David Hayman: The Blonde Hurricane, (Warner Bros.) a romantic comedy set in Paris during the 30's, and One Hot Afternoon, (Warner Bros.) an updated version of a classic Western.


Though he writing assignments were lucrative, the directing was tugging at him.


In 1993, Marconi wrote and directed his first feature, The Harvest, (Columbia TriStar) produced by Jason Clark, Stewart Little. "Taking as its basis one of the most unnerving of all urban horror stories, the black market organ trade, Marconi's The Harvest plays like a paranoiac's fever dream and cleverly exploits the fears, both real and xenophobic, of the stranger in a strange land."


A visually detailed film, the stylish noir stars Miguel Ferrer (Twin Peaks, Traffic) and Leilani Sarelle (Basic Instinct). From his Coppola days, Marconi employed Alex Tavoularis, One from the Heart and Apocalypse Now to act as his visual consultant. The sinuous imagery was provided by Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Chivo). Academy award nominee for his work on Gravity and Children of Men, The Harvest was Lubezki's first foray into the US film market. The film premiered in the 'official selection' of the San Sebastian Film Festival and went on to win numerous awards in International Film festivals. Distributed internationally by GoldCrest International, The New York Post described it as "a tense, tough thriller that keeps you on your toes and guessing."


The success of The Harvest brought Marconi to the attention of several companies, most notably Michael Mann, who commissioned Marconi to write Red Badge, (Warner Bros.) a DEA thriller set in Thailand, and Simpson Bruckheimer who commissioned Marconi to write his original screenplay Enemy of the State (Disney) starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman. A high-tech thriller dealing with privacy issues, Enemy of the State grossed over $250 million worldwide.


On the heels of Enemy of the State, Bruckheimer next commissioned Marconi to redeveloped his TV series; Soldier of Fortune.


Soon after Enemy of the State, Marconi was approached by Oliver Stone and Tom Cruise. Stone, ho had been hired by Cruise/Wagner to direct the Mission Impossible sequel, had expressed an earlier interest in directing Enemy of the State for Disney. When Bruckheimer instead opted for helmer Tony Scott, with whom he had a long-standing relationship, Stone hired Marconi to pen the first draft of MI2 for him. (Paramount).


Marconi continued to build a strong reputation as one of Hollywood's top action/adventure writers, creating tent-pole action films for the major studios: DIE HARD 4.0 aka LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) (Twentieth Century Fox,) based on Marconi's original script WW3.COM, Perfect Suspect for Chris Rock (Twentieth Century Fox,) and the upcoming high-tech., science fiction epic; No Man's Land. (Dreamworks.)


As a writer, Marconi has also co-authored with Flint Dille three serialized novels: Agent 13, The Midnight Avenger, Agent 13 and the Serpentine Assassins and Agent 13 and the Acolytes of Darkness, all from Random House Publishing. An action-adventure series set in the 30's, the stories deal with a secret society manipulating the events leading up to the Second World War, and the one man, Agent Thirteen, who tries to foil their plans.


Marconi has a penchant for creating original material "with a political bite," as he puts it. It's those observations and insights which have led to numerous speaking engagements, books and articles for various publications. Marconi was a featured guest speaker for IADC, International Attorney's Defense Council, in Pebble Beach, DEF-CON, the premier hackers' convention in Las Vegas and the Department of Defense Cyber-Crime Conference in Palm Harbor, Florida, where he lectured on his film Enemy of the State and how it relates to privacy concerns and cyber-warfare in a post 9-11 world. He has also taught various writing seminars, including the Deauville Film Festival where he teamed up with the late Sydney Pollack.


Holding duel citizenship for the US and EU, Marconi divides his time between Los Angeles and Europe.